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Combining technologies of the metaverse, blockchain ledgers, and decentralized networks into a unified platform with an intuitive user interface, Solido Games represents the state-of-the art in gaming today bringing players, developers, and NFT traders together in one interactive ecosphere. Solido Games platform includes three important elements (i) a Web3 Games Aggregator, (ii) a Games NFT Marketplace, and (iii) a Games Tournaments Championship.
Specifically, Solido’s Aggregator provides players convenient access to a wide selection of Blockchain-based games hosted across multiple networks. In the Aggregator, players are able to sort and select games by cost, genre, devices, blockchain, NFT and crypto support, popularity, ratings, and by special offers. In its NFT accelerator, game makers are able to fund, develop, and launch new games in the Solido ecosphere, and promote their releases to gamers through special offers and token incentives, thereby bridging the gap between players and developers.
Good to know: our team came from a real profitable business. We own a gaming aggregator that brings us income. We know how to turn a new nascent industry around!

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